What I Do


Who I Am

I’m a game designer and graphic/web designer based out of the Midwest Minneapolis area. I primarily create digital art/design for game and for web/mobile app in the past. I have shipped couple mobile games one of which is choose-your-advanture game and one is hidden object game called Shadow Town. I'm currenting working on a fighting game Rhythm Rumble's design.
I graduated from MCAD with a MA degree in Graphic and Web Design. I like story telling so I wrote visual novel for games and couple short film scripts in the past. I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema. I'm interested in cinematography and visual composition. I like to attach narratives to my design. Creating Art makes me who I'm today.


My Work

Game design/character art, UI design, and animation -

Multimedia design

Brochure design, web/prototype design, sticker gif, mobile app ui, and logo design

Front-end and Web Design

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